Fequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

You can log in using your email address that you have assigned your notices to be sent to using this link.

What is a primary email address?

A primary email address is the main email address tied to a parcel number. When you log in with a primary email address you will be able to assign other email addresses as secondary email addresses. In some counties, a primary email address owner will no longer receive a physical copy of their notice in the mail by default. In other counties, the primary email address owner has the option to cancel physical copies of notices being sent.

What is a secondary email address?

A secondary email address only has the ability to receive notices. Unlike a primary email address owner, secondary email address owners can not cancel physical copies of their notices from being sent. A secondary email address owner also can not assign other email addresses to receive emailed notices.

What is a PIN for?

A parcel identification number (PIN) is used to verify that a owner of a notice really owns the parcel. This number is required by some counties when registering for emailed notices. Your PIN will be located somewhere on your previous notices. This number can also be obtained from your county.

Will my notice still be sent in the mail too?

In some counties a physical copy of your notice will be canceled if you register to receive emailed notices. In other counties this is an option provided to the primary email address owner. If a notice has only secondary email addresses assigned to it, a physical copy will still be sent.